Sunday, November 23, 2014


Not so long ago I've seen a post on Sophie's Makeup Blog about things that made her happy that week, so I decided to write post about things that made me happy this week, too. I think it's so important to write and think about things that make us happy and to look at all the positive in life. 

I really enjoy small everyday things. For example, the first morning coffee with croissant or some other cookie  for me is the time when I just relax, enjoy and think about what to do that day. It is time just for me, my personal every day ritual. Maybe someone will think it's funny that drinking coffee in the morning is something special for me,  but for me it's just what it is. This week I received a huge pack of Jaffa Cakes from my parents. I mean, really big pack, almost a meter long! I was so happy! I really like Jaffa Cakes! It is a cookie with orange flavor that is produced in Serbia. Do I need to say that I was drowning with these cookies throughout this entire week? :)

Next thing that made me happy this week is this beauty. My parents bought me this bag as a graduation gift. It is black, real leather bag by very popular Serbian brand Mona. It is very stable and spacious with two small compartments for cell phone or something else and one  cubicle with zipper for some valuable things. I have never had such a quality bag and I'm very excited to wear it.
This week I spent with my boyfriend in Banja Luka and that also made me very happy. While I was there I bought this big white cozy scarf (Terranova), which I've been looking for some time and it was on sale, which is definitely a great thing. Most of the time I wear dark clothes, so I thought white scarf is a good idea for lots of different outfits.

And of course, how not to mention the book that I read with pleasure this week, Fifty Shades Darker. I'm sure you know all about this book, so I will not write anything about it. I can only say that I enjoyed while I was reading it. Next to the book is planner that I use every day and each page of this planner has inspirational quotes written on it. It is enjoyment to use it every day. Small cute things like this planner, make me so happy. :)

When it comes to skin care, I've been using  Dove body lotion for five days now and I will continue to use it. I love the smell of this lotion so much. I can't describe how much it makes me happy, I don't know why. And this small package of Nivea cream is so cute and I carry it in my bag all the time.

Next things I bought for my boyfriend, Nivea shower gel and Nivea deodorant. I made him happy, so I was happy, too. Of course, I had to buy something for myself, Essence colour & go nail polish in 113 do you speak love? dark red color. I love to wear dark red on my nails in winter time. It's so festive.

I like to have fresh flowers in my room, it cheers me up immediately. These daisies are so beautiful, elegant and romantic in the same time.

These are the things that made me happy this week. They're not particularly big, but they are very special to me.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Noa by Cacharel

Floral Woody Musk
  • Top Notes- Plum, Green Notes, Freesia, Peach, Peony, White Musk
  • Middle Notes- Rose, Green Grass, Ylang-Ylang, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Lily
  • Base Notes- Vanilla, Coffee, Incense, Sandalwood, Coriander, Tonka Bean, Cedar
The perfume was created by Oliver Cresp in 1998.

Noa by Cacharel was one of the first perfumes I have ever bought. I remember that my dad brought a bunch of different samples of perfumes from Paris and of all of them I liked Noa the most. I've been saving a lot that I was able to buy it and I did not regret. I've used about five bottles of that since then and I enjoyed it to the last drop. It was my signature scent for a long time. I used to use it in all seasons, all the time, but now I use it occasionally.

This perfume is very hard to describe, it's best for all to try it if you have the chance. It is so simple, but yet so complicated. There are a lot of notes, of which I feel most of musk, coffee, some white flowers and a little vanilla. But they are all so well blended and form a single whole, this beautiful fragrance. Smells white, soft, cozy, soapy and crystal clear. It reminds of this little pearl trapped inside beautiful round bottle. Just like it is a whole universe of fragrances inside this little ball. When I smell it, I feel like I'm surrounded by soft and fragrant cloud of happiness. It just always makes me smile. It's like the dew that appears with the first rays of the sun in the spring morning, or as white flakes of the first snow. There are no words to describe the innocence of this fragrance. I think fairies and angels smell exactly like this.

Although I've used it for a long time, I think I will never get bored of it. This is something that is just part of me, part of who I am. I think the favorite perfume largely coincides with the personality of the person who wears it. I like to wear Noa when I get out of the shower, when I go to bed, I like to spray Noa on my sheets and pillows and smell it all night. I love to wake up next to him and smell Noa, I like to have breakfast and drink coffee and smell Noa. I like to wear Noa when I'm happy, because it makes me happy even more. I really, really love Noa! And I can not help but wonder: Why I wear other perfumes, when there is this perfection?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fall Favorites :)

One of the best things about fall is walking in nature when leaves fall. It's cold, but not too much. We can wear thick sweaters, colorful scarves, layers of clothes, drink hot chocolate and enjoy the romance that is everywhere. We can enjoy inside our homes, curled up and cuddled watching movies, making hot bubble baths and our own spa treatments. We're switching current products to those used in the colder months. All this makes fall one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. 
Here are some things that I like and use during the fall season.


In the fall I like to use a bit stronger perfumes than I used to in warmer months. The ones I like and use the most are Lady Million by Paco Rabanne, Burberry Brit EDT by Burberry and Very Irresistible Sensual by Givenchy. Lady Million is floral fruity with honey and raspberry notes in it. It's very warm, but yet fresh fragrance, I use it all year round, but mostly during the cold months. Burberry Brit EDT is another one floral fruity. It is one of the coziest perfumes with the most beautiful vanilla note I've ever smelled. When you wear it, you feel like you're tucked away in the softest cashmere sweater. Very Irresistible Sensual is very irresistible! :) It is floral fragrance with spicy rose in the beginning and soft vanilla in the end. If you want sexy, feminine and long lasting perfume, this is for you!
This is only a brief description, I'll write about each of them separately.


When it comes to lipsticks, I like to use a neutral, slightly pink shades. I really like matte finish which has Manhattan soft matte lip tint in the shade 53M , first on the left. The other two are creamy and very moisturizing lips. Essence in 06 barely there! is a little darker than I use to, but is's still very nice plum color. It is long lasting lipstick, I can eat, drink and the color is still there. Rimmel in150 piccadilly pink is a beautiful pink "just like your lips, but better" color. And the last is Maybelline Baby Lips chapstick in peach kiss, because we need to keep our lips hydrated during the cold months. 
In the cold season I use darker shades of nail polish, too. Here are my favorite- Rimmel Lycra Pro in 359 little brown dress( beautiful dark brown, almost black color), Deborah gel effect in 07( blood-red color) and Maybelline Colorama in 165( dark gray color).


Everybody knows that the hands and hair must be protected in the cold weather. Kamill classic hand and nail cream is the best cream I've ever used. The skin on my hands is so dry, but every time I use this cream my hands recover immediately. For the hair I use Revlon Pro You Nutritive Treatment and it leaves  hair much stronger and shinier. Since the fall and winter are the seasons where people most easily get cold, I always carry with me Antibacterial Hand Gel. This one is by Balea. It has very pleasant citrus smell.


Here are my favorite scarves and my fuzzy slippers, because the feet must be warmed. :)

And, for the end, my current favorite bag by Carpisa, my baby. :) It has three compartments, which means it is big enough to carry all my stuff.  

What are your favorite things about fall? :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Name by Trussardi

Oriental Floral
  • Top Notes- White Violet, Heliotrope
  • Middle Notes- Lilac, Musk, Arum Lily
  • Base Notes- Amber, Vanilla
This perfume is inspired by Italian lifestyle and the city of Milan.

Now, I will write about how I personally percieve the smell of the perfume. I'm wearing it for almost a month now and finally I can tell what I really think about it.
First, the bottle is gorgeous, clear glass with gold writing and Trussardi logo in the middle give the impression of elegance and style. What I find interesting is that the straw inside the bottle is transparent. I've never seen it in any bottle of perfume before. What I have here is a bottle of 30 milliliters. Bottles of 50 and 100 milliliters are slightly different and  have a plastic cap. In my opinion, this is the better version of it.
But, the most interesting and the best part is the smell itself. I can not describe how wonderful this fragrance blends with my skin, as if it were my own fragrance, the smell of my skin, not the perfume I'm wearing.  So creamy and soft, powdery, but again not too much (I do not like overly powdery scents). It is the same type of smell as well as Chloe perfume. I feel floral and powdery notes with just a little hint of vanilla. Some people would say that it is fresh and clean fragrance, but to me it's just creamy. It can be worn all year round and won't bother anyone. The best thing to me is that I constantly feel it, the aura is a decent first three hours, maybe even more and after a while, it smells so nice close to the skin. I can say that this is a very intimate fragrance, which, after some time, only you can smell, and a person who has permission to come so close to you that he can enjoy it, too. :) This is the scent of a cherished and gentle woman, nothing more than that, but it's really quite enough.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello :)

  I have always loved to write. I kept a diary for many years, so I decided to start my own blog and write about things I love. 
  For start, I love perfumes a lot! :) I will write about perfumes very much and also about other stuff like food, fashion, beauty and life in general.
  I like to see beauty in everything. Life is full of beautiful things. Maybe I do not have much, but I enjoy the small things that I have and I am grateful for all of that. 
  Do you like fall? I love it! Here is one picture of fall in my town. Beautiful colors...