Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Name by Trussardi

Oriental Floral
  • Top Notes- White Violet, Heliotrope
  • Middle Notes- Lilac, Musk, Arum Lily
  • Base Notes- Amber, Vanilla
This perfume is inspired by Italian lifestyle and the city of Milan.

Now, I will write about how I personally percieve the smell of the perfume. I'm wearing it for almost a month now and finally I can tell what I really think about it.
First, the bottle is gorgeous, clear glass with gold writing and Trussardi logo in the middle give the impression of elegance and style. What I find interesting is that the straw inside the bottle is transparent. I've never seen it in any bottle of perfume before. What I have here is a bottle of 30 milliliters. Bottles of 50 and 100 milliliters are slightly different and  have a plastic cap. In my opinion, this is the better version of it.
But, the most interesting and the best part is the smell itself. I can not describe how wonderful this fragrance blends with my skin, as if it were my own fragrance, the smell of my skin, not the perfume I'm wearing.  So creamy and soft, powdery, but again not too much (I do not like overly powdery scents). It is the same type of smell as well as Chloe perfume. I feel floral and powdery notes with just a little hint of vanilla. Some people would say that it is fresh and clean fragrance, but to me it's just creamy. It can be worn all year round and won't bother anyone. The best thing to me is that I constantly feel it, the aura is a decent first three hours, maybe even more and after a while, it smells so nice close to the skin. I can say that this is a very intimate fragrance, which, after some time, only you can smell, and a person who has permission to come so close to you that he can enjoy it, too. :) This is the scent of a cherished and gentle woman, nothing more than that, but it's really quite enough.

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