Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My perfume collection!

As I mentioned it in earlier posts, I LOVE perfumes. I have gathered quite a collection over the years and  would like to share it with you. I have to mention that I collect perfumes for many years and didn't buy all of them within a few months. There are celebrity perfumes, a little cheaper ones and a little more expensive designer ones. My mum is using some of them, because there is no way I could use all of them by myself.
I used to buy perfumes all the time. I've been saving money just to be able to buy perfume. It was a kind of addiction. I couldn't stop buying them. But, it is a different story these days. Now, before I purchase any perfume, first I try it many times to see how it smells on my skin and how long it stays there. I think well before each purchase. In my opinion perfumes are so expensive and overpriced. So I'm very careful what I spend my money on. 

Be sure to keep your perfumes away from the sunlight on a dark and cold place. They last longer that way.

I will write what I think about each of them separately. As you can see in the previous posts, I've already written about Noa by Cacharel and My Name by Trussardi perfumes. And I hope you liked it. 

And here they are! :)))

Here is a bunch of samples that I have.

Have a nice day, everybody! :)